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Most talked paper

Natural Evolution White

It come with environmental credentials - be it from SFS, ECF or TCF.

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Hi Print

It gives high quality printing used in packaging industry and in magazines

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Textured paper can be put under pictures to add color...

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Plike range of papers are carrying artistically innovative ...

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Papers and paperboards realized with ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free)...

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WILD is the latest innovation produced with wood-free primary pulp ...

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Metallic paper ranges from subtle pastel colors to deep rich dark.

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Boutique range

Boutique is here to fulfill the dreams for the very best...

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The desire and passion to provide premium range of fine papers to meet diverse creative needs, led to the birth of Sona Commercial Pvt. Ltd. We were conceived in 1966, with the vision to be at the forefront of every creative revolution. As a merchant of fine paper, recycled paper and dry grey boards, we are the pioneer.

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